Rivalries forgotten as Blues help mark end of Dementia Awareness Week

June 1, 2017 Jim Green


Rivalries were put to one side as Chester FC and Wrexham AFC helped mark the end of Dementia Awareness Week 2017.


Cheshire West Alzheimer’s Society and Flintshire Alzheimer’s Society invited individuals and organisations from both sides of the England and Wales border to come together in support of the theme of Dementia Awareness Week 2017, which asked everyone to put aside their differences and unite against dementia to urgently find a cure, improve care and offer help and understanding.


The event took place across the bridge over the River Dee between Farndon on the English side of the border and Holt on the Welsh side.


Manager Jon McCarthy, club mascot Lupus and Trust chief executive Jim Green represented the Blues alongside Wrexham supporters with Cheshire West and Chester Council, Flintshire Council, Age UK, Cheshire Police and North Wales Police among the other organisations who stood united with people who have been affected by dementia.


There are over 850,000 people with dementia and one in three people will develop dementia at some point in their lifetime. Awareness and understanding remains low and many families are facing it alone, but together we can take action.


Dementia Awareness Week 2017 was a huge success with thousands of events taking place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, many of which saw people raising and donating money to fight the condition, campaigning for change and becoming Dementia Friends.